Day 299: Who Do You Own?

The homily this morning was opened with a question from the priest, “Who is the happiest among us all?”

His answer was quite unusual, he said, “The happiest people are those who own Jesus in their lives”. Theoretically, we know it. The statement sounds right and just. But practically, we surely have problems in doing so. Can we choose Jesus over other things or other people? Can we choose Jesus instead of working hours? Or instead of our spouse? It is definitely not easy. But as Jesus did, it was worth the process, the trial. The priest closed his homily by saying that Jesus is the happiest man, because He had nothing else but His Father and how to accomplish His plan for us all.

I hope I can finish the book that I’m reading currently, so by next month I shall continue to Thomas a Kempis. His book is acclaimed to be the second read book after the Bible. He wrote it on the 1400s and the effect is still loud up until today. I am hoping that his writing can resonate in my life and help me to reflect every day, who do I own today?

Have a good day!

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