Day 301: Guardian Angel

I believe in the presence of guardian angel. As a Catholic, I have St Cecilia as my patron. But beside her, I also believe in guardian angel. Sometimes, they come in the form of human beings. Our fellow human beings.

I’ve met a lot of guardian angels in my life and I need to thank them for their involvement of making me as who I am today.

And lately, I always love Tuesday to come, because every Tuesday I will meet my mentor who is always available for some discussion. It is as if she has some magnetic power to draw me in pouring out some stories. By now, I believe she has her plates full.

Today, she reminded me to keep my dream alive and do whatever my passion is. I told her that I don’t want to die and be remembered as a psychologist, because I want to be remembered as a writer. She supported me – after drilling me with some questions! After the talk, I felt strengthened and will definitely give my dream a shot.

 I will pray for her and her legacy to be remembered as a helpful person. When it comes from the heart, it is indeed from the heart.

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