Day 303: Geeky Day!

Today is the first time ever for the finalists and winners of National Youth Scientific Competition to have a reunion and to organize our future outcomes as scientists. I was thrilled! Especially because those people who won this competition have become elite at National level. I felt like I was surrounded by celebrities in scientific research. And I am more than proud to be one of them.

To add on my good day list, I also met my fellow finalist from 17 years ago! She is the only one from our year who is still in touch. It is funny to see how life wrote our life stories. We met when we were young, we did our further study at different side of the world. I was in Perth, and she was in Paris. Now, today, we met again as two grown-up women, skillful at what we do (hopefully we do) and enjoying our status as wives.

I was not a superstar during my school year, I never had first place in my school. But I had my moment of being happy with who I was. Active and hard-headed. Love being busy and known as someone skilled, rather than known as pretty (sorry!). And today, I am grateful for what I had in my past, because every experience shaped me as who I am today. I’m a happy geek!

Have a good day!

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