Day 305: Lucky Number

Grew up in a Chinese family, I learned that the tradition believed in two lucky numbers – 8 and 9. They believe that number 4 is the sign of bad luck, so in my apartment, there’s no 4th, 13th, 14th floor. People seem to be unable to let go off such belief.

Since today I got a parking ticket with triple 888, let me write on how we can make our own fortune. I’m not a rich girl and don’t own any million-dollar goods. But i do believe in dreams. And so far, my dreams brought me far. I went to many different places, study abroad, met the President of this country, never applied for a job and have some now – all because of my dreams. My girlfriend told me two days ago that I’m a kind of girl who knows what I want and will do anything to make them come true.

I met numerous people in my life and many times they laugh over my dreams. They said that I’m only a theorist, I don’t have the ability to face the truth or that I’m nothing but a dreamer.

I made a promise to myself two days ago, that I will prove it. I will make them see that my dreams will come true. I believe that when something is inside of us and push us to get it done, then it is worth the process, worth the waiting and the hardwork.

Have a good weekend!

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