Day 306: All Souls’ Day

November, 2nd.

Today, every year, as a Catholic church, we have mass for all faithful people that have departed. It is a tradition in the Church to pray for the dead, so they may have a suitable place on the right side of the Father. Every year, we have the same feeling of this special day, it is indeed special.

For today mass, I had 4 names written on the envelope. My Ah Ma, my baby M, and the grandparents from my husband. I held back my tears for 2 hours, because I missed my Ah Ma so much. I also had the feeling of ‘what if’ I can hold baby M with me now. But then I realized, that God loves them so much more than my love for them, and they deserve heaven, instead of earth. So, I believe in my faith that they are saved in God’s Kingdom.

I am grateful because I’ve known them in my life – alongside with my Ngiama, Ngiaung and Ah Kong, my unborn siblings/cousins, my grand uncles, grand aunty, uncles and aunties. They have shown me love and the goodness of life. Now it is their moment to enjoy the goodness of heaven.

Have a good weekend!

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