Day 308: What’s on Your Plate?

My life seems normal and ordinary. I wake up at 5.30 in the morning and prepare breakfast for my husband. Then we are off to our own work and activities. For my plate of breakfast, I love to have whole wheat bread, with slices of banana and spread of Vegemite or Crunchy peanut butter (crunchy, please!).

Before I write this post, I was watching TV and the news was about numerous women who got killed in different countries. One of those women was an Indonesian wife of a foreigner who is suspected to be killed by her own husband. Suddenly, it made me realize of how blessed is my life. I may have a plate of bread every morning, I may not have the money yet to wear LV or Chanel. But I’m living my life, and having it with my husband.

I guess, we all need to go back to the basic of happiness. Embracing present time and be happy about it.

Have a good day!  

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