Day 309: Happiness is Cheap

When I work with children, I see that most of them are familiar with expensive gadgets and digital consoles since very young. Parents excuse themselves by saying that those consoles are necessary nowadays, or else their children will be different.

And they are right. Most of them are different because they have short concentration span, they easily get bored, careless when it comes to long procedures of doing their work or neglecting people around them. Why so? Because they are too consumed with their consoles. They are being digitally happy.

Last night, my sister-in-law sent me a photo of my nephew. He is smiling – a big one – with plastic bin on his head! That’s a new one by the way. He found the bin, put it on and walked around as a soldier. And he is truly happy! I’m glad as well, to be reminded that happiness is cheap. It is a state of mind. And if we as adults, forget how to be happy, look around you and learn from children. I hope they haven’t been infected by the thought of ‘buying expensive happiness’.

Have a good day!

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