Day 310: Encounter with Mad Hatters

I had lunch with two girlfriends today ay a local pizza house. While we were browsing through the menu, we heard a bunch of women laughing and taking photos loudly. We looked at them and suddenly my friend asked me, “What are they thinking?”

My friend was referring to the fact that those women were wearing the hats made of balloons, that were supposed to be given to the children. They were all adults and the did not care on their age.

I told my friend that they just wanted to be happy – as happy as a child can be. I gave that answer while I was watching a young girl played with her balloon hat across the room.

If we want to be happy and careless with what others may say, just look at those happy children around you and learn again from them. If your happiness is based on your kilograms, or some limited brands, or the digits – then you may lose them along the way. But if your happiness is defined by your own thoughts, it may last longer.

Have a happy day!


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