Day 312: Working on The Weekend

I guess that’s the saddest reality, that I have to work during the weekend. I’ve been wanting to quit working during the weekend, but I haven’t really work on it. I think I need an assertiveness training to be able to say yes to myself.

Today I had three clients. Finished with the first one and am waiting for the other two. Sometimes when I think about my job, I can’t help but thinking, what am I doing here? Am I really helping others? Or am I just pretend to be wise and struggling with my own issues?

Well, people have issues. Even psychologists have to deal with their own issues. I have mine as well. Because as long as we live, we will always issues. If I have issues and still able to listen to other people, and help them with their issues, then I guess I’m not doing something wrong here. It may sound to others as my way of sublimation. Whatever you think it is, I believe that’s the reason why I’m working this weekend. At least, to help those who come and see me. I’m not a hero and far from a wise man. I’m just doing my calling – for now.

Have a good weekend!

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