Day 313: Cushion

As I waited for my colleagues to come, I was sitting in a nice couch with Indian touch. Yes, we were about to have dinner at an Indian restaurant. I couldn’t help myself but took the photo of their cushions on the couch. Somehow they caught my attention.

For me, cushion is a symbol for resting. Most of the time, I don’t have time for proper nap, so I just lay down my head on a comfortable cushion and close my eyes for 10-15 minutes – then I’m ready to fast forward. It is as if the cushion is inviting me to have a little break and prepare me for another drive on the road.

Cushion is also a symbol of solitude. You can lay down while watching your favorite drama, cry over sad love stories or simply daydreaming on the cushion. No wonder, some places sell their cushions for some serious bucks! Because it works as the media of creative thinking process.

Do you have your favorite cushions with you? Enjoy your time!


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