Day 315: Inspired by Youngsters

I am old, as measured by age. As I hit 33, I realized that I have to turn my dreams into reality pretty soon – and I guess this is the source of my stress lately.

Today, as part of my work, I attended an interview for 20 finalists to get a homestay experience for 2 weeks in Brisbane. I saw the talents from young students – animal shelter, charity machine, storytelling, etc. They are just full of inspirations and I was inspired. They gave me the fuel to get back to my dreams and reminded me that I’m not that old to achieve those. No matter what others say about me, no matter how small my dreams to them – I am going to make them come true. I am now breathing life into them. And then, reaping time will come.

I am truly thankful to those young people with their dreams alive within them. Thanks for reminding me!

Have a good day!

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