Day 316: Murphy’s Law

“If anything can go wrong, it will”

I learned that quote from Murph, a character from the movie “Interstellar”. My husband and I went to watch the movie a few days ago and this morning I had a chat with my best friend about it. He mentioned implicitly about my tendency to blame myself if anything goes wrong. His point was to make me realize that if anything is meant to be wrong, it will go wrong.

Scientifically, I need time to really understand Murphy’s Law. But I am getting the essence of the probability that we can’t handle things. I can’t always handle the events in my life. I learned that lesson years ago when I realized that I have no control over the happenings in my life. I failed, I made mistakes, stumbled and fell. I cried over those wrongness, for nothing (I just learned the lesson for this one!).

Another phone call from a friend was giving me additional insight. He said that there’s no such thing as a waste. Every lesson we learn, is a lesson. Every mistake we made was meant to be there. I hope I can see the light to accept me as who I am, with all my weaknesses and flaws – and then quit blaming myself when things go wrong.

Have an insightful day!

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