Day 317: Locked Energy

Today I’m grateful for being able to meet and learn from two lecturers from Tarumanegara University. I met them two years ago on International Conference for Psychologist in Jakarta. Didn’t occur to me that I will learn from them on Logosynthesis. It is a form of therapy developed by Willem Lammers on 2005.

One important thing that I learned is the fact that we do have locked energy inside of us. It can be developed by our past, or our future. Past experiences ranged from negative, like disturbing experiences and trauma, to positive experiences, like grief and nostalgia. Future experiences ranged from negative, like fear and apprehension, to positive, like dreams, wishes, hope. If we locked ourselves in those fear, or dream, we let the energy locked inside of us. It is trapped and manifest in many ways.

Fantasies are also the cause of locked energy. As well as wishful thinking that doesn’t followed with action. I just realized that we have the power to lock our energy inside of us and let ourselves being trapped there.

It is time to just let it lose, the energy. They done have to stay inside of us, because they don’t belong to us. I know now that my restrained feeling was rooted in my obsessive dreams, fantasies and wishful thinking. It is time to let then go and start working!

Have a good day!

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