Day 320: My Kind of Sunday

Sunday is here and I am a happy girl.

Day was started with a brunch date with my man and mom-in-law. We went to a café in the city and enjoyed the time together. Each of us ordered our own signature drink – with our name on it.

Then we went off to a mall where I had to present the gifts for three winners of essay competition on creativity. The gifts were presented by Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, where I work part-time. Me and my colleague were nervous because we would be on the stage by ourselves and had press conference with young journalists and bloggers, as well with the ‘real’ journalist from Jawa Pos, national media that promote Deteksi event every year.

Sweating, stage freeze (for a while) and blurted out here and there – we gave our best and we did it! We believe that no matter how hard it is, we can conquer all as long as we stick together and support each other.

Have a great weekend, people!

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