Day 321: To Be Creative or Die

Once I read that my generation and the upcoming generation are born in the wrong time of financial difficulties. It us harder for us to get high salary or income, as well as to save up.

Then the question is, what is next?

I heard a lot about being creative, be an entrepreneur and prophesy your own future. Honestly, I’m in the position of not judging, because I’m confused. I agree with the necessity to be creative, because the other choice to die. We won’t be able to live a proper life if we can’t be creative in making a life nowadays.

Being an entrepreneur is something that I am learning at the moment. Hopefully it will be fruitful and I can reap what I sow. And last, prophesying my future is something I rather see in a religious way – through prayer. I believe that I have received whatever it is I ask. Of course, hard work is irreplaceable. God be with me!

PS: the winners of essay competition were my inspiration to keep my dream alive. They are young, and yet, know what they want in life. They are not afraid to dream!

Have a good day!


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