Day 322: Happy Birthday, Nana!

When I was younger, me and my brothers would always go against one other cousin, Nana. We fought a lot. And I was the bad leader to put her on the corner. But then I repented!

Nana became the closest cousin to me. She would come over from her hometown every school break to stay with my family. For me, she was one brave little girl, because she would fly by herself!

Now, both of us are married to men who love Chinese food more than anything else. Both of us keep up with the same music we grew up with, the same talks we used to share and rejoicing the good times we had in the past. She was my maid of honor on my wedding day and she was with me during my darkest hours – strange enough that she was always there! She was there when I had to deal with bad relationship, she was there when I had my work interview and she was also there when my Ah Ma passed away. She would always there for me and my family.

Happy birthday, Na. May God bless you with healthy pregnancy, strong marriage, lovely life, and blessed journey with your loved ones.  I miss you, Neng! So much! X

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