Day 323: Giggling Ladies

Today is my first day-off. I flew to Bandung for a 3-day conference on ‘Mental Health for Children and Family’ – in which I will present my poster. Odd as it is, I want to share the story of my day. So, a few weeks ago I found out that two other colleagues will also present their paper on the conference. I was excited with the chance of being with them. We booked the flight separately and end up to be in the same flight. We are staying in different hotel, but only a walk away from each other! We had dinner for almost 4 hours, we talked a lot, but mostly laughing. I still feel the stiffness on my cheeks now!

When I arrived at the airport, I saw a man walked in front of me. I recognized him as my childhood neighbor and school mate. So, I said hi to him and found out that he was on his way to Bandung as well. When I finally with my two other colleagues, we talked and realized that my childhood friend was a classmate of my colleague! What a small world! And you know what, my seat was next to my childhood friend! We really had the chance to catch up! Odd day.

And to close my day, I had a phone call from my dear husband, still enjoying traditional snack that I bought from a stall and listening to my friend’s version of ‘To be With You’ on sound cloud. He is a very talented jazz musician!

I am ready to crash the bed soon enough!

Have a good day!

PS: The photo is taken on the airport of Bandung. See the mountain behind the post!


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