Day 324: Well-Being of Children and Adolescents

It is the first day of the conference. I have to admit that the first few short sessions were out of context – we expected more. As the remedy, the second half of the day went quite effective. I learned from the experts in understanding irritability issues in children and adolescents.

I love working with children. They are honest, true and being themselves – for most of the time. I’ve been working with parents as well. A lot of them are willing to work together as a team. Some are not really, but I believe they know what to do, they just choose not to. But I’m not here to judge them. I’m writing to all the professionals who work with children.

Even if they are still young, we have to remember that their well-being is the most important thing. There’s no one perfect way to deal with children. There’s no such thing as a fix method of psychotherapy. We have to explore new methods, new ways of understanding children as who they are. We also have to work with heart, because they will know when we fake our response. Aren’t they beautiful?

I’m a learner in this area and I am willing to keep on learning and exploring. Let’s work together professionally for their well-being!

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