Day 325: Homework for Us

As professionals in mental health, we have a lot of homework to do. During this national conference, we had special guest speaker from IMH Singapore, A/Prof Dr Daniel Fung. He spoke on the changes in Singapore system regarding mental health services. He mentioned that the usual treatment was given after the patient realized that they need help and came to the clinics/hospitals. But by hanging on to that system, only limited number of community members can get professional help.

Now, they change their system. Through REACH program, they build network with community and other professionals in order to help children and adolescents who need help. By doing this, more children and adolescents get the access to the help they need. They also have an iPhone app on anger management, called Regna Tales. Too bad I’m using Windows Phone and unable to download the app on my phone.

It is a hope for all the professionals in Indonesia to do the same approach that suitable with our context and culture. The objective is clear, to help a lot more people and by doing so, we also upgrade our knowledge and practical experiences.

Lets think about it, fellows!

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