Day 328: Get Rid of Guilty Feeling

I am busy today. After preparing breakfast and send my husband to the front door, I started my own activities. Clean up the house, do some washing, mop the floor and finally, sitting on the couch for a date with Derek Morgan.

I have decided to dedicate my day for Criminal Minds #9. I haven’t had the chance of watching the series on cable TV, since we don’t have any. But, finally I found the DVD series and here I am.

What supposed to be an easy task to accomplish, seemed hard. Especially when my guilty feelings kicked in. They would blame me for being lazy and doing nothing but to satisfy myself. I would feel bad if myself, pause my DVD player and asked myself if I deserve this.

But I turned it on again because I told myself that there will be times when I can’t no longer sit on the couch and watch DVD like today. So since I still have the time and still being responsible to my work, yeah – I deserve it. Later on when I have children on my own, I might not have the luxury of watching SSA Morgan and his team in action. But now, he is mine.

Time to cook for dinner. Wish you all a great evening!

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