Day 329: Lost in The Past

How many times we find ourselves stuck in the past? I’m one of those type. I tend to remembering or being nostalgic with the past and wishing to have the same moments once again. Is that wrong? Not necessarily, but it can cause some effects.

In my experience, being lost in the past is like being suck into a time machine and unable to live the present moment fully. I’ve been trying to enjoy my present life in Surabaya – a city I claimed as the ‘most hated’ city. I just don’t like this place. I’m being brutally honest. Even though I’ve been around for 10 years in total, I still don’t have the bond with this city. It is as if I’m in the middle of transmigration to a better place. When I was down, I would let myself being suck to the moment when I lived in Australia or during many traveling journeys.

A good friend of mine always remind me to start loving this place, because Surabaya may bring something good to me. Right, who knows. Logically, it makes sense. I just couldn’t accept it – I guess. I also stumbled into a good quote by a leader in Surabaya when I visited a museum last Sunday. He said that past is important, as long as we move toward the future. He was right.

At the end of this year, I am doing my best to manage my heart and mind regarding this city. I don’t know what will come to me next year, but I know that my positive mind will bring something positive as well.

Have a good day!

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