Day 330: Caleb and My Faith

I planned to go to Malang – my hometown, for a short break after a semester long of teaching 4 classes and dealing with other working related issues. I arrived just around lunch time yesterday and since then, I had a great time with my family. Played around with my niece and nephew – how adorable it is to be loved by them sincerely. I also had my personal massage time this morning (first priority on my to-do list)!

Even though I was expecting to have low pace moments, I had to embrace the fact that life is full of surprises – in a good way. My good friend was giving birth to his first son earlier today. I was worried that I would not be able to be with her, because she was ‘scheduled’ to give birth on the first/second week of December. She was also planning to give birth naturally, but then her baby was reacting negatively after my friend got injection to induce the birthing process. His heart was getting weaker and the gynecologist had to perform C-section. I got the phone call just before I drove to the hospital, and when I got there, baby Caleb was already joining us! Since her delivery was ahead of the schedule, not many preparation was done. So I drove her mom to buy some necessities for the new mom and baby Caleb. I volunteered to wash them all and will bring them back to the hospital tomorrow.

My nephew looks better in this shiny glasses pasted by his older sister

My nephew looks better in this shiny glasses pasted by his older sister

One thing I love about children is the true faith that they have. I remember one young boy named David, who wanted to have a set of animals in Noah’s ark toy. He prayed hard and believed that he would own one. Just a few minutes after that, the speaker of the seminar (who bought the animal set and used it for a quick demo with the participants) gave the animal set to David! I was re-learning again the importance of my faith to God. I shall walk alone, because I have my God with me.

Another thing about baby Caleb. Since my friend had to go for C-section, the gynecologist found out that she had a cyst in her womb. God really planned everything well!

Have a good evening, everyone.

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