Day 332: A Six-Sense Husband

That’s my husband. I don’t know how and when, but he could always guess any gift that I gave to him! Hate his ‘bad habit’ to the max, I still love the guy. The first gift that I ever gave to him was a wallet for his birthday (he is still using it now!) and just a second after I gave it to him, he said: This must be a wallet. You need to see my shock-unhappy-dull face and I was frowning, while nodded my head. Then we had a serious conversation in this issue – that it is not fun to guess the gift bluntly.


I thought he got the first message – loud and clear. But then, it happened again for Christmas season. I gave him our engagement photo in frame, and yes he guessed it right. I was no longer wearing my shock-unhappy-dull face. I was reaching the 0 level. No excitement, nothing.

And yes, it keeps on going and I guess, it won’t be gone in a short period of time.

So, after 14 months of being married to you, I would like to write a message that was given by a taxi driver on my way to the airport last week. He said: “The first year of marriage is nothing. It is just the start, no real problems are there yet, because the first year is the time to adjust and re-adjust between the two. But when the year is increasing, so is the problem – and, so is the resilience of the two people”. That message was given to me, out of nowhere, just after he asked me how long I got married to my husband. I guess, taking the good advice, even from a stranger will not hurt.

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