Day 335: #agnezmo

Agnes Mo is a talented Indonesian singer, dancer, used to host a TV show for children and in for several TV drama. I am not ashamed to admit that I admire her.

She is still young, and yet her ambitions go over the top. She is now staying in LA, had a record with Timbaland and taking part in Johnny Walker’s commercial shoot. Everytime I saw her photos in Instagram, I went wow!

She is my inspiration. And somehow her energy is transferred to me, from a far. Many people say that she is a snob and unfriendly. But I guess that’s the price she has to pay, to have people who dislike her achievement. The higher the position, the faster the wind blows. And she is still standing strong.

She is also a devoted Christian. Another trait to inspire many young people out there. I am inspired because despite her busy schedules, she manages her time for God. It works well as a reminder to me.

I read somewhere and she said that: If your dreams don’t scared you, then it is not big enough. Imagine when we ride on a roller coaster, we are terrified before we ride on, because we don’t know what will happen. But once we finished the challenge, we got down and proud of ourselves, because we did that. By tackling our own fears, we face ourselves and achieve something “terrifying” enough in our mind.

Thanks Agnez Mo!


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