Day 338: Weird God?

Earlier today I was having a conversation with my colleague at the clinic. We talked about a lot of stuff and I mentioned to her that our God is a weird God, because He is working in such a weird way. He does many things out of our mind, out of our hands and He can do the impossible. She was listening attentively, and once I was done, she said that she disagree with me. First and foremost, she said that God is not weird. When we can’t understand His plan, it is because He is too big and too marvelous for us to understand.

Veteran Church - Banjarmasin 2014

Veteran Church – Banjarmasin 2014

For so long, I have been using the word ‘weird’ to express my inability of finding other words in describing God. But today, I was in awe because someone reminded me of choosing the right word in describing His love, work and awesomeness, beside ‘weird’.

Ah, it is good to know that God loves us so much and care for us to His limits. And He shows His love through people around us. Today, I met one of them.

Have a good day!

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