Day 339: Wonderful Sacrifice

There’s no other word to express how I feel, but amazed – blessed and grateful, because I was able to join Catholic Charismatic Youth Movement tonight. It was a shower of love, His love for us all. The main theme was Wonderful Sacrifice, taken from John 3:16.

The preacher was Arun Gogna from the Philippines and his friend. He delivered the theme in a light way, and yet so deep and touched everyone there. I was reminded on how big is God’s love for me. I will paste my note below.

Have a blessed evening!


God’s love:
1. God’s love is creative
He has different kind of love everyday. Therefore we have to open our eyes and see His creativity. We also are made creatively! He has a sense of humor in which we can see in others and our surroundings.

We need to believe in His creation in us that we are beautiful – we will receive beautiful things. We are beautiful just the way we are!

2. God’s love echoes your name throughout all creation.
God knows your name as His love to us. Our name is our name for all eternity (in Catechism) because we will bring that name up to Heaven. If God knows our names – that’s enough truth! That’s all we need. He knows us inside out, our past, present life, our troubles. That’s how much He loves us – because we are His.

3. God’s love redeems you from fear.
The opposite of fear is NOT courage. It is LOVE.
If you are afraid, then seek out His love. His love is enough and it casts out our fears.

4. God’s love makes you special.

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