Day 340: Family Trip

Hundred days ago my Ah Ma left the world to welcome Heaven. Today we gathered together in Banjarmasin, South Borneo to visit her grave and pray for her soul.

As part of a good news, I wasn’t informed that my nephew will come as well. I knew it when I arrived at the airport and saw his silly face! What a start to this beautiful day.

This is his first trip with airplane. He was so excited and informing everyone whenever he saw planes take off. He was pretending to be awake and not sleepy, just until our plane took off. He needed a few seconds afterward to close his eyes and slept the whole journey.

I believe my Ah Ma is happy today because all of us visited her grave. And most of all, because her beloved great grandchildren were around for her as well.

Rest in peace, Ah Ma. You are loved and deeply missed. Enjoy your final supper with God in Heaven.

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