Day 341: His Love

Today is the second week of Advent and I missed the Sunday mass. My excuse was because we were so caught up and busy traveling around Banjarmasin with family and friends. But that was really the lame excuse.

Since Friday night, I couldn’t stop thinking on how big God’s love for us all. I’ve been thinking about my family – all the troubles and difficult times that we conquer together with God so far. I was also thinking about my own new family and how God has been with us prior the wedding day – up to forever.

His love is all. He never gives half of His love and heart for us. He will always give His best and expect nothing from us, except for our love.

I am grateful to be loved and shaped by my God. I know that I am not ready to change now, but He will do His best. Just like the prayer from Arun Gogna last Friday night. He said: God, change me, even if I am not ready.

Have a good weekend!

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