Day 342: Go Local

One important point of traveling is the chance of going local. Traveling allows us to consume traditional and local meals, trying out their customs and simply be part of the cultures. Just like what I did in the past few days, I became local.

Beside the fact that both of my parents are local – even though I was born in East Java, I always feel as local. I could speak the traditional dialect and I love their food. My family history is tied to Banjarmasin and the surrounding areas.

One must-go place is Lontong Orari. Lontong is made from rice, fold in banana leaves and steamed. It is part of many Indonesian food and the taste is good. It is suitable as the replacement for rice or potato.

Having Lontong Orari with family and friends is something to come back. The good food, the good companion and the laughter will always stay in my heart. For sure, it will bring me back here, again.

Have a good evening!


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