Day 343: Airport Killing Time

Today we supposed to fly out from Banjarmasin at 1700 local time. We arrived about 10 minutes before 1600 hour. Checked-in, baggage all in and we heard the announcement that the previous flight to Surabaya will take off. I looked at the board and it was scheduled to take off at 1425. I knew what was coming. And yes, we will take off to Surabaya at 1850.

I am sitting at the bench on waiting room. The airport is small and yet, crowded. I guess it is related with the development in this area. A lot of workers from other islands and foreigners as well. But I’m not going to write in politics.

We are bored – to the bone. I did some work for presentation tomorrow, had snacks, looked after my nephew and talked with my niece and mom. We really work hard to kill the time at the airport.

It is good somehow, because our of boredom, I could have fun with my nephew. We laughed and laughed. We did silly things together. I feel bad for my niece though, she looks very tired. It is 1820. Hopefully we will board to the plane soon.

Have a good evening!

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