Day 351: Husband vs Wife

Earlier, my husband and I had a talk. He asked me if he can match his friend with my friend. I said that my friend is attached and not available, besides her characters won’t work with his friend. He replied, “But differences unite. Just like you and me”.

Husband: Let me give you examples. I can manage money, you can’t. I’m thinking deeply, you’re not.

Me: What? Hey! Why do I have all the bad qualities? Look I have a colorful life, yours is monochrome. I have a whole lot of friends, you only got a bunch of nerds!

H: See, we complement each other.

M: What??

Then we laughed like crazy.

Everything we mentioned on each other is true, according to us. But that doesn’t mean that we have to fight against each other all along. We can always compromise, remind each other or simply talk to our partner.

As long as we are married, we will have such arguments. I choose to see it as our process of living together.

Have a good evening!

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