Day 354: Stories Around The Tree

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everywhere I go, I can see Christmas tree standing tall and invite us to adore them.

As I enjoy my frozen yogurt, I look around this big sparkling tree. It seems as if I see short scenes of people’ stories. There were one boy who stood like a Pinocchio and unable to move his body in a nice gesture. His shoulders were up, and after his mom told him to relax a bit, he dropped them altogether! He couldn’t smile. I couldn’t help myself but smiling behind my table.

Then I saw one family of parents, older daughter and younger son. Parents were busy taking pictures of their daughter and left the boy wandered around. The mom was shouting, “This is good. You look beautiful.” You can imagine how loud it was, so I could hers what she said. I was sitting inside a cafe nearby. When she asked her son to take a photo with her, he refused and said that he only wanted to take picture with Dad. Mom turned around and held Dad’s hand. They walked away from the tree. Ha!

Then, there was also another funny scene. A young mother of two boys were busy taking pictures of her sons and the nanny. I didn’t see the nanny taking picture of her and her sons. Oh well.

I love watching people and how they interact with others. How they relate to each other, or how they display themselves in public. I guess it is the part of being a psychologist. I shall be grateful for that, I guess.

Have a good weekend!

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