Day 356: My Mother’s Day

Today is the National Mother’s day in Indonesia. And I want to dedicate this special day for my Mom. If you look at the photo, she’s in bright top on the far right.

I grew up with my mom on my side. From early morning, she woke us up, cooked our breakfast and prepared us to go to school. I rarely saw her after school hours, because she had to help my dad in his store. In the afternoon, she would come home for a quick nap and prepared our dinner, just before she went back to the store again. I remember that some nights I lied and told her that I was sick, so I could so my homework with her.

I grew up seeing my mom as a strong woman. She never complained. She never fall sick with some drama. She never walked away from my dad and us – no matter how hard the situation was. I believed that she was as strong as an ox. Until one day.

During my semester break in Australia, I went back to Indonesia for a few days. I saw my wardrobe was like a garbage bin. Everything was just inside of it and no one seemed to care of it. So I was asking my mom in such a tone and her answer was: “Do you think it was easy for me to clean your wardrobe without crying? I just can’t do that.”

I was stunned. And I still cant forget that moment on the dining table.

I love you, Ma. With everything you are … That’s what makes you perfect in my eyes. Thanks for being a role model for me. Thanks for the ears and heart of listening to your stubborn daughter. And thank you for loving me!

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