Day 357: Christmas Gift in Used Paper

That would describe my husband.

When we dated a while ago, I disliked his habit of not wrapping any gift or if he did, only in plastic bag. Now, we are married and he gave me an early Christmas gift wrapped in used newspaper.

I was in shock when I he walked out from our room, holding a plastic bag and gave one to me. I was in shock because I didn’t know what it was – not to mention anything that wrapped in a used paper. He said that that was his Christmas gift.

I didn’t know where he keep the gift and I didn’t ask. But I asked him when did he buy those gifts. He said when I was away to Banjarmasin to visit my Grandma’s grave.

Beside his wrapping, I appreciated his gesture and effort to buy me a Christmas gift. Don’t ask me what is inside the wrapping paper. He is very practical and loves to give useful goods. That’s the clue.

Have a joyful Christmas break!

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