Day 358: Forever Young and Loud

Sorry for the late post, I just went back from Christmas Mass and it is now 25/12 in some places. Merry Christmas!

Today, I will write about my friendships with two special friends. My old friends, dearest friends and witness of faith. So today the four of us – including my husband – had lunch together. It was supposed to be a quick gathering over lunch, but we spent 2.5 hours together. That was not so quick after all.

It was started with a chit-chat and we ended up with some lessons to learn. My friend said that there’s nothing bad coming from meeting people, because we can always build our connections and one day, they will open doors of opportunities for us – and vice versa. He said that because he just got a better offer as his Christmas gift.

Another friend shared her stories and she said that God is never too late and He would never leave us alone. Sometimes she feels alone, but she realized that she never felt lonely. God would always be there for her, for me and for us all. How good is His love for us!

My husband also learned alot from their stories and how we support each other. We believe in our dreams and every step we take is a building step to reach the ultimate dreams. Now he understands how and whom I spend my time with. Glad that he also learned a lot from them.

Have a good Christmas break!

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