Day 360: Rich Indonesian Taste

These past few days my tongue has been spoiled by tasteful Indonesian recipes. One in the photo was Tugu Rijstafel, a kind of Indonesian mixed rice in Hotel Tugu, Malang. The hotel itself is well-known as tourist attraction and it serves a lot of Indonesian menus.

Yesterday, I had lunch and dinner with my mom’s homemade Nasi Kebuli. The rice is cooked with herbs and coconut milk. Then we enjoy the rice with fish floss, egg, beef floss, fried onion and most of all, sambal! I couldn’t have enough – and forgot my diet for a day.

And as for lunch today, I had Nasi Ayam Bakar. It is steamed rice with grilled chicken breast, cooked with soy sauce and chili. The food itself wasn’t spicy, but you can add the spicy flavour by adding the chili. It was just good!

I am so proud to be an Indonesian and share to you our richness in taste.

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