Day 361: Simple Daily Happiness

I want to go back to basic – of ticking my daily happiness lists. Following are my simple lists:

1. Progress of my teenager client and how he can smile in front of me without covering his mouth when he speaks any longer.

2. Good weather – meaning: No burning heat and not raining.

3. Good breakfast of whole wheat toast with Vegemite and peanut butter.

4. Lunch with a good friend at a good restaurant. A good food is important for a happy tummy!

5. The main road was empty! It is usually the most crowded road during working days. Thank God it is holiday for most people.

6. Listening to the old music from my younger days. Good music is the remedy of any bad days.

7. People said that I look happier, including one good friend during lunch today – and another one yesterday. Happiness is truly an option.

8. Got Christmas gifts from my brother-in-law and his wife.

So, what’s your list of happiness?

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