Day 363: Pricy Laughter

For those who know me well, they surely know how I laugh. Me and my best friend agreed to name it ‘thunder laughter’. Yes, it is laugh and ignorant.

My husband tends to complain when he hears me laughing. He said that it was too laugh. But I don’t have any other laugh options to choose.

Today, I met two beautiful-skinny-long hair ladies in two different places. The first one was sitting next to me while we waited at the mall. Our drinks were on the same table, next to each other. Whenever I took mine, I always looked at her and hoping to throw a smile onto her. After 30 minutes of sitting together, she didn’t even smile at me. She looked at me, and that’s all. Ha!

The second one was in the same lift. I got in first and tap my card to get to my floor. Then this lady and her friend came and looking for the card. I offered help, because it is a universal card. She got down earlier and as if nothing happened, she just walked out. Ha!

I was laughing to myself when I got out from the lift. I don’t want to change myself and my way of laughing. It is better to have cheap laughter, than a pricy one.

Have a happy day!

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