Day 365: Auf Wiedersehen 2014

I can’t believe this is the final day of my gratitude project. I still remember I sat down on 31/12/13 up until 1am to start this blog. What I didn’t realize was the hardship of this year. Yes, despite my gratitude project, I shall call 2014 as one hard year for me personally.

I lost my baby at 9 weeks pregnancy and that happened only a few days after I started this project. I also lost my beloved Grandma last August after being with her for 1.5 months. One thing I was grateful for was the chance to be with her on her last day on earth. I arrived home only a few hours before her condition dropped and she finally passed away. I hummed the song “Semua Baik” (all is good) as she took her last breath.

Nevertheless, 2014 taught me a lot of good lessons. That happiness is a choice and we make our own happiness – despite the circumstances. That family is our most priority – despite their characters. I also learned that true friends will stay for long – despite the distance and less frequent direct meeting. Another thing I learned is how much my parents love me – no matter how old I am now and how bad my attitude would be toward them.

I am grateful to close this year to an end. It is all done! Thank you for teaching me the best lessons this year. It is indeed a colorful year of life!

I can’t thank all of my special ones who have been with me this year – through thick and thin. You know who you are and you know how much I love you (I frequently told you so!)

Have a happy new year of 2015! May God blessings be with you and your loved ones!

PS: Epilogue is followed! Written by my best friend 🙂

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