Finally. We have reached the full circle of “daily gratitude.” I have planned to write this epilogue because I was mad when learning Cicilia decided to write a daily blog to contemplate what to be grateful on that particular day. My first reaction was: “What???? Are you trying to be martyr?”

I was upset (inside my heart-of course) because it won’t be an easy journey for her to seek for what to be grateful each day during a year. It will be easy when the days are beautiful with gifts, compliment at work, surprise from husband, or a call from Elbert/Ellice. But, we all know that there will be a day where we would deal with traffic, lousy paperwork, troubling electronics, or just simply you feel like the day is giving you lemon, and lemons, and more lemons. And all you want to do is not making lemonade and typing the blog about how bad hair day can turn into a blessing.

But, she made it. 365 days counting the gratitude. And, what is special from those 365 days is not the grandeur one but how small acts or contrasting situations teach her (or force her) to learn to be grateful. Can you imagine how painful and hard it was? Those small acts like simple dinner, date night with Hubby, meet up with old friends, or when her bestest bestest bestest of the bestest friend from Bali sent her some surprises. Such a lovely friend she has.

I think in particular one of the most difficult moment for her was when she had to deal with the loss of her grandma (Ama). I knew Cicilia from 2008 and she told me about her Ama. Their closeness and unique relationship make it a bitter experience when Cicilia have to witness Ama on her last nights. But, true to her own goal, Cicilia still did her gratitude journal, not to please us reader, not to answer the challenge, but because that is the core of feeling grateful. It is not the condition but the state of mind and your decision plus a whole lot of commitment to say: “Yes. I am grateful for this.”

May all readers could learn from what I see throughout the 365 days of this blog. And I think it will be great if you could give comment to Cicilia what did you see on your perspective or what particular day is your favorite part of the blog (the most memorable one). And, let me close my epilogue with a quote from Gretchen Rubin and Paulo Coelho – our influential writers.


“Days are long but year is short” – G. Rubin

“There is no tragedy, only the inevitable. Everything has its reason for being; all you have to learn is how to distinguish what will pass and what will last.” – P. Coelho

One thought on “Epilogue

  1. Dear Cecil,

    Congratulations, u made it! Such an inspiring journey and big thanks for letting me involve in some lil part of it; it truly shows how generous you are, darl! 🙂

    I simply love everything that’s been shared here.. all of it has its own authenticity and that’s what makes it meaningful.

    What i admired the most is how these posts show the warmth and dynamic of your relationship with all those closest to you, dear.. with the beloved God, hubby B, Mom&Dad, siblings n inlaws, cousins.. and of course those two lil jewels of you (E&E);

    Also the presence of friends and colleagues (yes, yes, yes.. we all notice that Mr.Ijah is undoubtedly should be loudly and boldly mentioned here 😉);

    and also about the ones that you’ve lost along the way (we all feell you,darl)..

    ~ thanks for showing how blessed you are by having them all in your life and inspired we all to cherish and appreciate the presence (and even the lost) of our own beloved and closest ones 😚

    No matter how hard it’s been, by the graces of God, in the end you’ve realized that 2014 is actually a blessing in disguise.. a truly means of God to reshape you into an even more beautiful soul who knows and grateful for having such a faithful God in your life. Congratulations dear, am truly happy for and proud of you..

    Now, let’s welcome 2015 with an open heart, may you reap more and more blessings and graces.. we all know that God has provided all the best things for you (and hubby B) ahead! So, bring up your grateful heart and be abundantly blessed! Jesus loves you 😇

    Much love,

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