Are you grateful with your life?

It seems easy to say “Thank you. Lord” when the sun shines bright and the flowers bloom in your backyard. It seems effortless to thank the Creator of life when we are perfectly healthy and happy. But what will happen when we are on the other side of the road? Can we still be grateful when nothing seems in place and everything is out of plan?

This blog is a new addition to my main blog www.thestoryteller.me that has been published for a few years. Initially, this project was inspired after I watched a movie “Julie & Julia” during Christmas break. Julia was a cook-wannabe and she started her own cook project by blogging. She said that she never had any dateline and she wished that her blog of cooking for 365 days will be her first way to pursue her dreams.

I make this project of 365 acts of gratitude as my simple ways to show gratitude of what life has offer to me. It will contain photos and short shoutout daily.

To make this project fun, I invite all of you to be part of this simple project. Send your photos and shoutout to my email address cicilia_evi@yahoo.com and we can collaborate throughout the year.

Let’s get started!

One thought on “About

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